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Introduction to Xsintrix


The band Xsintrix was born in 2005. Brought together by Joe DeCanto (lead guitar) and Mark VanVleet (bass guitar). Joe and Mark were introduced by other musicians in 1999, realizing that their styles of music matched a common ground they performed together in previous bands such as Case Closed and Mr. Johnson.

Although Joe and Mark enjoyed these other bands and the music they performed they decided to form their own band. Their first Drummer/ Percussionist worked with them for 6 years. Then Mark and Joe decided it was time to take a break from live performances to write and prepare to record another original Album/CD.

When the time came to find another member to fill the Drummer /Percussionist spot it took some time to find a match for the style of music and arrangements they hoped to achieve. When they were introduced to Jerry Gregorash and he did his first audition he was the perfect fit for the style and direction the band was heading. Without a doubt Jerry had the capability of playing the type of music with the style and finesse they were looking for. Three unique men, playing styles to form an all original rock band Xsintrix. With hints of Blues, Jazz, Hard Driving Rock-N-Roll, and even Rock-A-Billy Country, this band has the ability to please the most versatile audiences.

Xsintrix has its roots in a little town in Northwest Indiana, but don't let that fool you, these guys know how to bring it to ya! They've set out on a quest to let everyone know...IF IT ROCKS, LET IT ROLL...

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